Guangzhou Tianjian Automotive Products Co., Ltd was established in 22rd , July, 2013 ,and located in Yuxinglu Road, Yushatan ,Guangzhou. The company is focused on automotive products,such as electric pedals,electric tailgates,electric pickup roller curtains and etc.The company is always committed to automotive products industrial.  Therefore, In the year of 2022, the annual output is about 100000 sets with around RMB 90 Million annual production value , which is honored as Up-scale Enterprises at Tianhe district in the year of 2022  with an cover area of 1500 square meters .Since its establishment, the company has taken "Tianjian electric pedals are born with quality" as the business promotion concept, effectively promoted quality and service, effectively cooperated with regional agents and e-commerce, and served the society and the majority of users with the idea of  industrialization development. It has gradually developed into an enterprise with the widest business scope among similar enterprises in Guangdong Province with quite influential in the industry.

■ In 2013, Guangzhou Tianjian Automotive Products Co.,Ltd was established. ■ In 2015, Single bar electric tailgate was launched on the market. ■ In 2017, the upper suction locking tailgate for Toyota was launched on the market. ■ In 2018, Intelligent voice prompt electric pedal with mobile phone control was launched on the market ■ In 2019,The new plastic-sealed rod with drag booster electric tailgate strut was successfully developed ■ In 2020, the company was honored as “Guangdong High-tech enterprise” ■ In 2021, the company was Passed “ISO9001 quality management system certification” ■ In 2022, the company was honored as “ Up-scale Enterprises” at Tianhe district ■ In 2023, the company Passed“ IATF16949 quality management system certification” ●The company owned dozens of invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents, copyrights, etc.
About us
Enterprise Honor
The company obtains ISO9001 quality management system certification and IATF16949 quality management system certification with more than 30 utility model patents. We have always attached great importance to product

innovation, from research and development to production, from materials to finished products, adhering to technological innovation and strict quality. We have launched a series of products that meet the market needs according to the needs of car owners.Seeking products is precisely because our products have been recognized by car owners, which has earned us honors to us .

Development History
In 2023, Established trade business unit,export sa
Develop outdoor product such as pickup electric tailcaps ,electric roller shutter door and electric tail wings
In 2022, established the semi-automatic production
the front decoration boutique officially puts into production in Dawang,Zhaoqing
Entered the front decoration boutique of a domestic car brand in Wuhan
Prosperity Middle-door series launched as additional programs for domestic new energy SUV
20000 sets --Accumulated total annual sales of electric pedals
In 2021,Obtaining ISO9001 quality management syste
Established the electric tailgate Business Unit
Tianjian P-7 series electric tailgate has been launched, and electric pedals have successfully entered the front decoration boutique of a domestic car brand in Guangzhou
Honored as”high-technology enterprise” in 2020
Rated as “ High-technology enterprise of Guangdong Province” in Sept
In 2019, Innovative launch of electric pedals with
Commercial Vehicle dedicated four link electric pedal launched. 
In February, bringing new products to major exhibitions such as Dianjin and Kyushu.
Established Zhengzhou branch company due to market expansion.
In 2018, Established the Electric Pedal Manufactur
SUV model electric pedal officially put into production
In 2017, industry leading launch of Toyota’s upper
Ranked as one of China’s Top 100 Automotive Electronics Brand by CIAACE
In 2016, Jointly initiated Foshan Dianwei Automoti
Launched “Tianjian”electric tailgate
”Tianjian” electric tailgate was rated as a recommended brand by Car Audio Network.
In 2015,Engaged in the design and development of p
In 2014, The offline service store was opened.
The main Taobao retail department was established.
In 2013,Guangzhou Tianjian Automotive Products tra
The business business is automotive exterior parts
R&D Ability
Professional R&D team
Professional R&D team Equipped with software group, electric pedal structure group,outdoor products structure group and electric tailgate structure group.
Independently developed electric pedals with Internet of Things, controlled by mobile phone mini programs, and freely controlled pedals (built-in chip with Internet of Things function, set electric pedal function, change light color, mode, and view pedal status and warranty time through WeChat mobile phone mini programs)
More than 11 high-quality talents with years of development and promotion of automotive intelligent and comfortable technology are responsible for the development and innovation of electric pedals, electric tailgates, and outdoor products
Excellent design of electric pedal
excellent design of electric tailgate
SUV Series Panel Design
Pickup Series Panel Design
Aluminium Alloy Bracket Mode A
Prosperity Mode Bracket
Ideal ONE Aluminium Alloy integrated Bracket
Pickup Electric Pedal Bracket
Aluminium Alloy Bracket Mode B
Integrated Bracket
P7 series electric tailgate strut

Production Ability ( Established factory at Zhaoqing manufacturing high-quality electric pedal and electric tailgate)

Manufacturing Quality Inspection Process

Manufacturing Process













Guangzhou Electric Pedal Factory
Scale advantage & capacity Guarantee

Established in 2018, the factory covers an area of approximately 1300 square meters and has over 100 employees; We produce 95% of the electric pedals that are suitable for the market, with an annual output of over 60000 sets. In 2021, we actually sold 45000 sets. Guangzhou factory aluminum processing, aluminum spraying, with an annual output of over 5000 tons; Aluminum processing and customization are acceptable.
Zhaoqing Electric Pedal Factory
Being able to provide Customized Solutions for Customers

Zhaoqing Pedal Factory has an annual output of over 40000 sets of electric pedals for Phase 1 (original high-quality products), and a planned production of over 50000 sets for Phase 2. There are various types of suitable motors that can be customized according to requirements,including car ventilation motors, car seat motors, and various types of deceleration motors, with an annual output of over 200000 sets. Manual and electric pickup roller blinds are suitable for most car series, with a monthly production of 3000 and an annual production of 36000. The product sells well both domestically and internationally.
Guangzhou Electric tailgate factory
Automated Production Process

Electric tailgate are suitable for 350 models  with annual output of over 50000 sets.In 2021, we actually sold 28000 sets.

Factory Production Equipment
Mature Experience with one-stop Service
4 axis CNC Machining Centre
Laser Cutting Machine
Bending Machine
Laser Marking Machine
Our company develops and produces intelligent and comfortable products for automobiles. The electric pedal bracket produced by the company is processed using a 4-axis CNC machining center, which can improve the flatness of the bracket processing and reduce repeated clamping of the workpiece, greatly improving the overall machining accuracy of the bracket, simplifying the process, improving production efficiency, and shortening the production cycle. With high quality, efficiency, saving manpower and costs, and enhancing competitiveness. Continuously improving technology and service quality, and adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first" to serve the vast number of users!
The working principle of a laser cutting machine is to release energy when the laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate the workpiece, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting and carving. Laser cutting machines have the characteristics of saving materials, smooth cuts, high accuracy, and fast processing speed
A bending machine is a machine that can bend thin plates. Its structure mainly includes a bracket, a workbench, and a clamping plate. The workbench is placed on the bracket, and the workbench is composed of a base and a pressing plate. The base is connected to the clamping plate through a hinge. The base is composed of a seat shell, a coil, and a cover plate. The coil is placed inside the depression of the seat shell, and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate
Our company purchases laser marking machines for the production of pedal car logos, which require more precision and precision in production Meeting customer needs.

Automated Production Equipment(1)
Automatic Winding Machine
Automatic Winding Machine
Automatic Welding Machine
Automatic Welding Machine
Motor Rotor Dynamic Balancing Machine
Motor Rotor Dynamic Balancing Machine
Automatic Shaft Sleeve Packaging Machine ( non-standard)
Automatic Shaft Sleeve Packaging Machine ( non-standard)
Automatic Pressing Machine( non-standard)
Automatic Pressing Machine( non-standard)
Automatic Shaft Assembly( non-standard)
Automatic Shaft Assembly( non-standard)
Experimental and Testing Equipment
Metal Spectral Analyzer
Metal Spectral Analyzer
2.5 Dimensional Measuring Instrument
2.5 Dimensional Measuring Instrument
Salt Spray Test Chamber
Salt Spray Test Chamber
X-ray Flaw Detector
X-ray Flaw Detector
Tensile Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine
Ball Impact Tester
Ball Impact Tester
Tension meter
Tension meter
Cross-cut Tester
Cross-cut Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
High-low Temperature Tester
High-low Temperature Tester
Dust Testing Instrument
Dust Testing Instrument
Numerous partners

Numerous partners


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